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November 1, 2008

Troubleshooting TFS alerts

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The Event Service in TFS supports many kinds of events. Users can subscribe them to be get alerts when a particular event is trigged. TFS supports alert by sending a email or calling a web service. When you can’t receive email alerts, please check the following things:

SMTP server is working
TFS relies on an SMTP server to send out email. So, the first thing is to make sure the SMTP server is working.

If you can login the SMTP server, please read How to test outbound mail flow with a file in the Pickup folder. If the SMTP server is OK, please check the server that hosts TFS is authorized to access SMTP service. And this is described in How to Assign an IP Address section in KB 308161.

If you can’t login the SMTP server, you can write a simple code to send a mail. See Pete Sheill’s blog for more information.

TFS is configured to use a SMTP server
See MSDN document How to: Configure SMTP Server and E-mail Notification Settings in the Services Web.Config File

The alert is not blocked by recipient’s mailbox
If you configured mail policy to block mails from unknown user, you will need to add the “From Address” of alert into the trusted list.

After you checked all of above items, please subscribe to an event without any filter. You should be able to receive alerts when the event is triggered.


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